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 Re-Tryout or Re-Apply idk I wanna rejoin Azure Dx

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PostSubject: Re-Tryout or Re-Apply idk I wanna rejoin Azure Dx   Fri May 16, 2008 2:55 pm

I would like to Re-Tryout pl0x Very Happy Or if i need to re-apply heres my application pl0x =/

IGN'S(names of alt's and main's) :gemma06, madjad, ˝§†ep and drifty.

Name(real first name):Jason


Location:Scotland, UK

Introduction of yourself:Well..Im Jason and i live in scotland XD i started playing online games at like 10 lmao and i started playing Gunz at 12 so i was pretty young when i started XD and i still play gunz so yea...i guess im addicted Razz, and yea...im basicly on every day..7 days a week..if im not on..ill proberly be ill or somin or needing to go somewhere so ya..ill be on everyday if i get in 7thAzure =] XD

Reason for application:Reason for application is that izu and ayi think i hack which i DONT and if i dont get get in this time...ill just train..and re apply and izu i know u think i suck if i do suck, ill just keep practicing and coming back and re-applying. and u say i have too many accounts? well if i get back in azure, ill go on the char thats in azure so i would be on that acc basicly all the time...and i only got in 7thazure cuz u liked me, i didnt get in cuz of skill but thats ok but i really doubt ill get in again cuz u like me so yea i highly doubt ill get in and yea it was nice being 7thazure for like...a couple months =] so bb i hope i can get back in but doubt it....byeeeeee! Sad
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Re-Tryout or Re-Apply idk I wanna rejoin Azure Dx
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